Other Scholarship Programs

Funding Your Nursing Education


Finding funding for your nursing education once you have decided on a career in nursing is one of the most important steps to the start of your nursing career. There are many opportunities available to you to help eliminate or reduce the amount of debt you will incur when pursuing a nursing degree. The guidance below was put together by the Nursing Career Pathways Workgroup to assist students with understanding the financial aid process and locating scholarship and loan repayment opportunities.

Financial Aid Overview

Scholarship Opprotunitites

Students may seek to lower or eliminate the amount of loans needed to get their degrees through the various state and federal scholarship programs available. These programs each have different requirements and qualifications for students. This list of programs has been curated for those programs in which nursing students in West Virginia might qualify. Additional opportunities might be available directly from your university, college, or vocational center. Please read the descriptions below for more information.

Loan Repayment/Financial Incentive Programs

Most loan repayment and financial incentive programs available to nurses in West Virginia are focused on graduate level nurses but some programs do include opportunities for nurses with undergraduate degrees. When considering the available programs, it is important that students pursuing undergraduate nursing degree programs pursue the available scholarship opportunities to minimize their future educational debt.

Important Note: Students who receive awards from state-funded programs with service obligations may qualify for other financial incentive programs to practice in West Virginia. In some cases, the service obligations can be met concurrently. However, federally law prohibits concurrent service obligations with most state loan repayment programs, such as the National Health Service Corps loan repayment program. Be sure to check with the programs if you are applying for multiple programs.

Some programs also require that private and public loans cannot be consolidated. Prior to consolidating student loans, be sure to consult with any loan repayment program you are interested in applying for.