MSN or Doctoral Nursing Education Scholarship Program

MSN or Doctoral Nursing Education Scholarship/Loan Program

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About the Program

The West Virginia Center for Nursing (WVCFN) and the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (WVHEPC) provides a range of scholarship/loan opportunities to assist current and future West Virginia nursing professionals and their education.

All students apply in the spring for the upcoming academic year (Fall through Summer). Students must indicate on the application each semester they wish to be considered for the scholarship award.

A scholarship/loan is first and foremost a loan. Like any loan, a scholarship/loan can be repaid with interest over a fixed period of time. Unlike other loans, a scholarship/loan may convert to an interest-free scholarship if the student completes a required service obligation. Therefore, the recipient may repay the scholarship/loan by completing service during a fixed period of time OR make payments with interest over a fixed period of time.

Student Eligibility

Eligible students must be:

  • A West Virginia resident
  • Enrolled in a West Virginia nursing program
  • Planning to work in West Virginia following graduation
  • Student must be in good standing and making satisfactory academic progress as determined by the institution
  • MSN/Doctoral nursing students are eligible for the award if they are currently and continuously employed as an educator in West Virginia school of nursing while pursuing his or her master’s or doctoral degree in nursing education

Work Requirement

A recipient is required to teach in a West Virginia school of nursing for two years following program completion for each year an award was received.

Award Amounts

Awards are competitively based upon academic achievement. Award amounts vary each year based on the type of program and available funding.


In return for the scholarship award, recipients must maintain employment at an eligible work site in West Virginia to avoid repayment. A recipient who fails to provide verification of meeting the service obligation will be required to repay the principal and any interest that accrues on the award amount.