Long Term Care Services Nursing Demand Projections 2015 – 2030

This is one in a series of HRSA reports on the health care workforce, in this case intended to provide information on the future demand for RNs and LPNs in LTSS. These occupations are faced with the challenges of a rapidly aging U.S. population, with longer life expectancy and rising burden of disease.

Looking to the future, many factors will continue to affect demand and supply of the LTSS workforce, including demographically driven demand for health services.10 For example, any potential future changes to the Medicaid program could play a role in determining service use, site of care, and workforce availability.

Policies to improve population health are likely to increase (rather than reduce) demand for nursing occupations in LTSS due to increased longevity, despite slight short-term declines in demand related to improvements in average health. Long term services Nursing projections HRSA