The Service Obligation

The Service Obligation

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Verifying Employment at an Eligible Site

In order to comply with the service obligation requirements associated with your Nursing Scholarship Program, you must verify your employment as a nurse working or teaching nursing in West Virginia in order to avoid repayment. The terms as outlined in the Promissory Note you signed requires continued employment in West Virginia after graduating (two years for every year awarded).

Please complete and return the Employment Verification Form. You have six months from your graduation date to locate qualifying employment. Both you and your employer must complete the form and return it within this time period.

If you have not yet graduated as of your projected graduation date, please complete the WVCN Enrollment Verification Form in order to avoid repayment. Please note: this form is NOT intended for initial applicants. This form is for students that have already accepted an award and requests to defer an account due to program enrollment.

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